The Anachronistic Venetian Lady

The World of a 1570′s Patrician Class Woman

I’ve just been seduced into starting up a wordpress account for all my Ventian historical projects and musings, as well as being a contributor to the Medieval Cook’s Test page.

I’m hoping to use this blog to help focus all of my experiements into historical reinactment for two specific persona, my main being a 1570′s Patrician (ruling) class woman of Venice, and the other being a 1570′s working class woman.

I also have a dreamwidth account that is focused solely on blogging my way through every recipe in Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco an anonymous Venetian culinary manuscript from the 14/1500′s. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to incorporate those posts here, or just provide a link to them. You can see all the entries in that project here:


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